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Best Cafes in Bishkek by Category ☕️🍰👨‍💻

Hey guy’s ever been to Bishkek or planning to go there soon? If yes you should definitely check out our collection of the best coffee-shops by category down below👇

Best Coffee and Working

Flask: This is the place to go if your looking to satisfy your coffee-soul. Here you’ll be offered Ethiopian, Costa Rican, Indonesian and many more origins in a variety of preparation methods. The design is very simple but good in quality. The place is usually not that crowded and therefore perfect for working! But beware their food choice is very limited, so if your hungry better go somewhere else beforehand.

Best Breakfast

Giraffe: Although mostly in small boxes that only sell coffee for those on the go, giraffe actually offers a few coffee shops with really nice breakfast. Go check out their bruschetta eggs and beef! With it’s giraffe/wood/african-style design definitely one of the places you need to visit! Here the coffee is good and fresh but rather mild.

Best Cheesecakes

Adriano’s: Although infamous for their tiny food portions and mediocre coffee their cheesecake is one of a kind in Bishkek. Personal favourite: Raspberry Cheesecake.

Fanciest Design

Skyberry: Perhaps the most expensive, but also fanciest Cafe to go to. As they do offer outstanding service their cake sortiment isn’t to be recommended. But if your looking for a place to chill to (jazzy) music and take photos for your insta go check it out! (Cool but pricey: They have a small sushi bar 🍣)

Best Relax Coffee

Secret Garden: Looking for a calm garden reading some books while slurping a cup of coffee? Come to this place, it’s setback location in the center of the city makes it an accessible yet silent place. Another nice addition? Go order some of their yummy crepes! They come in all different ways. Sweet with jam or salty with salmon.

Great food, service and the best shakshuka

Ant’s: Just like the small hard working animals would suggest the waiters are really good in this place, but they also have the best shakshuka in here, great for breakfast. The downside?—It’s become so popular its crowded…

Little France 🇫🇷

Cafe de Paris: In a less appealing part of the center you’ll find the best place for french food and pastries. They offer truly heavenly good deserts and the by far best bread in town. You can also come here for lunch and dinner. The place has a great Provençal atmosphere and everything is top notch.

Our go to

Biscuit: Out of the center but a great place to have food and coffee. Lot’s of people come here regularly to work although it’s crowded. We’re mainly here because it’s so close to our apartment.

Honorable mention

Bublik: Great bagels as the name suggests, but rather a food place than one to stay at and open your laptotp to work. Their whole menu can be recommended! In summer they also serve great bubble tea! 🧋

Looking for fancy but you’re on a budget?

Bellagio: Maybe this might be the place for you—great for taking pictures and with lots of locations all over Bishkek!

Pro Tip: As you’re in Kyrgyzstan many places aren’t listed on Google Maps, so download the local app 2GIS. It’s proven to be much more effective for us and all the locals use it!

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