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From Antalya to Marmaris

As you can read in our bio, Antalya was the place we met for the first time. Everything started at hostel Vague where we stayed in Antalya. Yasir whom I met a month before in Istanbul came by there so we could meet again and we hung out, cooked lots of food and enjoyed the beautiful vibe of Antalya. A day after Yasir and me reunited a girl from Kyrgyzstan showed up at the hostel. As Yasir and me were big fans of cooking and to be found either hanging out in the parks or at the kitchen it didn’t take long until we all planned to cook together. Going to supermarkets together, standing in the hostel kitchen, and eating together we spent lots of time together and had lots of fun. After the long and sumptuous dinners our tummies were so full we needed to go out to have a walk and thus went to the parks at the shore. With some drinks we spent the whole evenings into the night at the shores at the picturesque harbour of Antalya. As new year was coming up we decided to get some nice place just for ourselves and explore some other part of the city. We ended up getting a room at the Golden Orange at Konyalti—just between the scenic mountains, the old town and right next to the best coffeeshops at the sandy beach. Having a real nice New Year party on the top of the hotel and going hiking in the nearby mountains the days after, Tina and me decided to move on to Marmaris to spend some time together there.

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