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How to see the BEST of every country

Seeing the best of any country may sound odd for us budget travellers out there—but in fact it’s not even that hard to achieve once you know some important tips and tricks. But for now let’s dive right in!

Be Proactive—Talk to people, for some of us that comes more natural than for others, but it’s always worth it. In Tanzania we’ve been taking the wrong bus once, the driver was drunk and couldn’t help us any further but gladly two girls helped us out. We had a nice conversation and they’ve invited us to their place where we met the family, showed us through local markets, gave us advice on where to go and get our tickets and eventually kept in touch with us even after that. Though you won’t be able to find such hospitality in everyone there are always people out there looking for some nice company.

Quad biking in the Namib desert

Wondering about how to easily approach strangers?—Just ask for the time, the way or some nearby food. Don’t worry if you’re being rejected, the next time it might work.

Learn their language—No you don’t need to become fluent in the language of the country but if you’re able to say hello, thank you, apologise or order food in their language you’re almost certain get a smile onto their faces. Try investing some minutes before travelling to the country or even learn some while on the way there.

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.”

Go Local—Try their food, transportation, and visit local events. It won’t only safe you time and stress but also money. Try to avoid buying a burger and ordering a German beer when visiting Vietnam for the next time.

With our local friends Hamdi and Faiza from Arusha in Tansania

Be Brave—try stuff that you didn’t try before otherwise you’ll never make experiences worth remembering. Bad Ideas make the best memories!

Crunchy mopane worms on the Katatura food market in Namibia

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