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As the days got hotter in Bishkek, all we were looking for was some nice cool place. Sitting all day in our apartment with the Air Conditioner blowing in our face just didn’t feel right. So we decided to make a move and get out of 40 degrees Bishkek. East through the mountain ranges all the way to Issyk-Kulā€”Kyrgyzstans biggest lake. In fact it’s so big you might think they have a seasidešŸŒŠ! But more important chill due to it’s elevation 1600m above sea level twice as high as Bishkek. Arriving late night with our cab there was nothing much to see but we enjoyed the cool breeze as we got out. We chose to stay in an old Soviet-coworking-resort with lots of space, a beautiful park and a beach. But as we approached the beach we encountered many mosquitoes which surprisingly weren’t trying to bite us but instead kept circling our heads. While the area was truly beautiful the service was rather poor, having not even a supermarket anywhere close by and missing dinner we had to spend our first night with empty tummies. The next morning we got our breakfast at least. Porridge for me and omelette for her. What a relief! Since the resorts “canteen” was the only place to get food around here we were glad to get three meals a day at least. But since food choice was very limited we chose to have a walk to the next village with our backpacks and get everything we needed. Coming back after our long stroll we came just right to still catch the beautiful sunset over the lake. Today after the fourth day we’re moving back to Bishkek.

The SovietCanteen

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