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Tina and Kai

Tina and Kai met in 2020 on their individual trips through Turkey. Cooking dinner in a hostel in Antalya together with their friend Yasir they went on not only to travel Turkey but eventually Namibia, Zanzibar, Tansania, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt and the caucasus. As of 2021 Tina is working as an independent journalist in CentralAsia and Europe while Kai is following his passion for chemistry at ETH Zürich aiming to become the next Walter White 😉

It was a serendipity meeting these two amazing souls. I spent the best two weeks of my travels with them. Cooking food, chilling at the beach of Antalya, having boat rides together and much more. Keep exploring the world and share your experiences. You guys rock!!!

~Yasir Ahmed, friend and travel companion
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