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Going on a safari is a one of a kind experience. One of the experiences you’ll never want to miss. We’ve been doing our safari earlier this year. In Tanzania it’s comparably simple to get a safari but finding one that offers good quality for little money is difficult although there are lots of companies. Eventually we decided to go with Kibokoland-Safaris (Kiboko means Hippo in Swahili🦛). We joined a group that stayed at our hostel “the Banana-Eco-Farm” with consisted of two French ladies and another German guy. We had incredible fun with them. On the first of the three days we went to the Ngorongoro-Crater and the Tarangire-National Park in Tanzania and on the last two days we visited the world-famous Serengeti National Park. Not actually having high expectations on animal sightings we were shocked by how many thousands of wild animals just crossed the path in front of us as we only approached the gates.

38% of Tanzania are protected nature reserves. The country boasts an impressive 16 national parks.

Seeing these animals out in their natural habitat is a totally different experience no zoo could ever compete with. Seeing hyenas hunt and Lions circling around our open car just in front of us or having elephant herds stamping across the road ahead of you makes one feel a connection to nature that’s to be found nowhere else on earth.

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