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Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm certainly has it’s “Charme” although not a city worth seeing in cultural terms. It’s different, mainly because there’s not a single local living there. More over the whole city has literally been built for tourists. Yes it feels weird, but it’s charmingly relaxed for a tourist destination in an Arabic country. But even among Egyptians it’s a beloved vacation place due to it’s relaxed vibe. But we didn’t stay here because we wanted to chill—we came here to see Egypt, and we came to Sharm because we wanted to dive!

The Red Sea is arguably the spot to be when you want to see underwater life in action. From little Nemos over dolphins to turtles, manta rays, moray eels all the way to Sharks. But all the descriptions can’t really show the beauty of what’s down there. You need to see it for yourself in order to believe it—but don’t worry if you can’t right now we’ve got you covered with some nice underwater pictures down below. (Regrettably we weren’t able to bring a camera down there as we were still about to complete our course but the next dive is already planned and then we’ll supply you with all the beauty the sea has to offer!). On our last day we went with a boat to the Straits of Tiran (Several coral reefs aligned between the mainland and the deserted Tiran island boasting some incredible marine life) and were blessed with the visit of an eagle ray (a majestic animal which seems to fly effortlessly through the ocean and is thus referred to as “Angel of the Ocean”) greeting Tina to her upcoming birthday besides a group of big tunas!

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