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From two days to two weeks – Swakop effect

It never rains in here. And the weather can change five times in a single day

residents of Swakopmund

Swakop greeted us with a breathtaking sunset on the Atlantic Ocean. It is a resort city to chill. With lots of palms, surfers, restaurants, activities. And it is not Africa at all.

You won’t feel you are in Africa while in Swakopmund. The city was built by Germans during the colonial years. And German influence remains strong until today.

Things that we totally LOVED in Swakopmund:

We chose to stay at the hostel and the place was just couple of meters from the coast! Inside the hostel, you will find a lot of common rooms where you can work, chill, do sports or have some barbecue parties… not kidding.

Look at this view!

You will be surprised by the variety of coffee shops and restaurants offered by Swakop. Our favorite places to eat include a yellow food truck with signature Cuban sandwiches and calamaris. Our next favorite is of course an Asian restaurant in the city center which offers Thai and Chinese cuisine. Go for wonton soup and pad thai! The chef is Asian) And the ultimate favorite coffee shop — Cords, with a strong americano.

Of course, the one thing Namibia is famous for is Namib Desert. Seeing dunes, desert ‘life’ made a lasting impression on us. Since Swakop is a resort city we found plenty of activities: quadbiking, fat tyre cycling, paragliding in dunes, excursions to Namib desert and national parks, Flamingo Bay, Cape Cross, Walvis Bay… Our absolute favorite was quadbiking! Enjoyed riding through dune hills the most.

All these factors made our stay unforgettable while we were waiting a visa for the next destination – Tanzania🇹🇿

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  1. It is a cool post, I hope someday I will be there and do what you did. Thanks to your website, I’m getting to know the world more and more)

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