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Istanbul Turkey, Dunes of the Namib-Desert, Safari in the Serengeti or the mountain ranges of remote Kyrgyzstan… we’ve done it all! If you want to know more about traveling during and post-COVID you’ve arrived at just the right spot.

Travel Adventures

Riding motorcycles in Africa, eating local food on the Katatura-Food-market in Namibia or just quad-biking through the desert we’ve truly done it all!

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How to get the visa to the country you want to visit even if your not from a first world country, where to find the best food and how to get around anywhere!

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Desert Adventures

Who wants to play in the sandbox?

Safari Adventures

When you just can’t cover the excitement 😉

Africa for the first time…

Dunes in Namibia How we ended up in Africa? Because of COVID! Sometimes the lack of choice can lead to places you have never thought of. Searching through travel ban websites and news on the latest re…

Best Cafes in Bishkek by Category ☕️🍰👨‍💻

Hey guy’s ever been to Bishkek or planning to go there soon? If yes you should definitely check out our collection of the best coffee-shops by category down below👇 Best Coffee and Working Flask: This …

From Antalya to Marmaris

As you can read in our bio, Antalya was the place we met for the first time. Everything started at hostel Vague where we stayed in Antalya. Yasir whom I met a month before in Istanbul came by there so…

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